Friday, December 29, 2006

damn away messages, always getting in the way

Away messages: an auto-response you can put up on instant messaging software that relays the message that you are unavailable to answer any IMs. Many people use this as a means to subtly express oneself by including song lyrics, poems and meaningful quotes.

So it's hard.

I have things I want to express in an away message, that I can't. Because I know that the person the away message is about is watching and could read it. And I'm strong. I don't want them to know how I feel, well I do, just not yet. I want things to play out. Maybe?

I mean...I don't even know. I'm just carrying on. Knitting, and reading the book I'm supposed to be reading.

Hmmm...must research about important alumni!

Did I mention that I watched the last 2/3s of "Raising Helen" tonight? Again...for the 2nd time in the past 4 days. Fantastic. I need to buy that movie.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Steeley was right

Steeley was so right about 2006.

I hope 2007 is 200 times bigger and better.

It wasn't a bad year...ok, yes, yes it was.
Not my favorite.
I did get Beyond Ramen out of it!
And a host of new friends and a newfound committment to radio.

But really, the other things that came from it weren't all that great. A lot of relationships deteriorated and even more completely fell apart.

That should be my new resolution, getting back on my feet and meeting new people. Taking life by the horns and telling it, no, I'm in charge here. I'm going to fix this mess and make it better, that's just how it's going to be.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

love the tux

It's all about the Tuxedo boys.

When in doubt, wear a Tux. We girls absolutely adore it.

And John Corbett in Raising Helen is great. ;)

Saturday, December 23, 2006

revisiting an old post from an old blog

What I said in January of 2005
"*aside* If this is freaking me out now...I can't imagine what I'll be like at 40 and older...yuck. *back to the last train of thought*
HOLY COW!!! I'm not supposed to age...I'm young and vibrant. YAY! ha "

What Aunt Barbara Said:
NOTE FROM AGED AUNT: What is it like to be 40 and older? Absolutely freaking great! Its a cruel fallacy that vibrancy (or great sex, or flirting, or reasonable financial independance, or the wonderful sense of power that comes from using the kind of talent and intelligence that is only your own) is only for the young. Being forty and older means you've got lots of life experience that you can rely on; you REALLY have experienced the unexpected twists of fate and the silver lining in the dark cloud, and you know that if you're lucky (no illness, car crashes or tsunami's), you'll get to experience more of the same. For sure you already know love, and the death and rebirth of love, and again if you're lucky, they'll be more of that to come. When I look back at twenty: that was not so much hard as vaguely anxiety ridden. Most 40 and plus year olds laugh at the idea of being twenty. Having the body and energy of your twenty year old self maybe, but you'd never want to give up the experience of what that 40-year-plus knows in exchange!
So Margaret, don't fear aging, embrace it! You don't get older, you just get better!
love ya, Aunt Barbara

And then I said...

Thank you Aunt help to keep things in perspective. And I think you're right. I don't think the idea of aging scares me as much as actually reaching the next age. Because at this point in my life reaching that next number brings a whole new set of responsibilities. At some point I'll have to take supreme responsibility for myself. I'll have to be the one to have a job, pay the bills, and take care of my own basic needs, which have been taken care of by someone else.

I don't think I meant so much "yuck" as wonder and excitement. Looking at the past year, or even the past 2 years, I could never imagine that I would be where I am today, doing the things I am doing today. I'm wondering exactly what life/God has in store for me in the future. And that, I think, is the scary part.

Trusting that whatever happens, will happen. Que cera, cera!

And the next year could send me to Africa, or keep me under house arrest, or something else I couldn't even dream of.

So much can change in such a short amount of time that it's funny, weird, scary even, to think of what could happen in the next 20 years!


And now (December 2006)...
I say, yeah...ok so I'm getting older; sometimes that is a bit scary. But I think its because I never saw myself as 21, 22, or older. I always saw my aunts or uncles or teachers or older adults as being those ages, but not me. Didn't think it could happen. Sure enough, it happens, and has, I'm 21!

I must say, I already look back at myself a year ago, two years ago and wonder at where I've come from and how far I've gone.

I think Aunt Barbara was right, and I'm not just saying that because I talked to her briefly on the phone today and she mentioned this exchange with nostalgia. She also wondered why we weren't coming up for Christmas again this year, especially when Tina and I had such a fantastic time with her last year.

Ok, Aunt Barbara was right. I totally see the fun in growing up. So far, so good. There's so much more I've got to do with my time over the next 20 years. So ready life, here I come!

Questions, Questions, Questions...

So all I have are questions right now. Well, and a to do list.

To do...
-Knitting Scarves and Headbands and Scarves for various amazing people
-Editing reality show with hours of footage to comb through...damn I should have logged all that
-Uploading video to internet/podcast
-Uploading audio to VIC's podcast
-Changing VIC's website to be AWESOME...the end.

hmmm...big little time

So much TV to watch and waste time in front of! Damn. I'm so screwed. ;)

I should get going on some of that and stop pretending like I should be translating a song's lyrics into Sign Language. Because really, I have no business doing it. I can pretend like I know what I'm doing, but I don't. Like how I pretend to play guitar.

Monday, December 18, 2006

This is for my Music friends...

I thought this was hilarious...


Happy finals week.
Fun for sleeping in and stressing out. Staying up late and turning it in early...who am I kidding?!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Music that's on my wishlist

So this is what I'll be buying with my iTunes giftcard this can help and just buy the CDs for me too. That would be fantastic. ;) *hint hint nudge nudge*

  • Matt Wertz -- any/all albums
  • Dave Barnes -- that middle album I'm missing...damn
  • Stefy -- the Orange Album...damn I want this one bad -- the album is only $5.99 on iTunes right now...I am sooo tempted to buy it. Must. Resist. Urge. To. Buy. Amazing. Power. Pop.
  • Dreamgirls Soundtrack -- you know it'll be amazing...and I must say, I can't wait for the movie.

and I should get some more work done before my group meeting...I'll put more up once I remember what else it is that I'd like.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Tim hero

So on Best Year Ever for 2006, Tim Gunn was nominated for having the best year ever. And this is one of the things he said...

"Don't mess with the Gunn, you might get shot! *bang bang bang noises*" I was stunned for about 5 complete minutes.

Absolutely made my year.

Thank you Tim Gunn.
I made it work.

*side note*
I detest that my house smells of manure.

Friday, December 8, 2006

To Do list

1-4pm --Edit/Read Paper thingy for ethics class
4pm -- meet with Nic for Ethics paper thingy that's due way too early
6-7:30pm -- clearing off my car/eating/getting ready for Jared Campbell
7:30pm -- Jared in 'Cuse

Back at like 2am

Wake up -- Shower/Work on Ethics paper (ACM Code paper)/Senior Seminar Presentation....
12pm -- Lunch and Senior Seminar
2pm -- put the remote down...and work on power point
3pm -- no, seriously...put the remote down

probably 8pmish -- get dolled up for Semi-Formal (providing the dress arrives in the mail before then...otherwise...I'm so screwed)
back home 1amish

9am -- Mix Tape w/ Steeley and Dunkin' Donuts or CTB! YAY!!
1pm -- Soul-savin' with JC himself
3pm -- Library/Pub with some coffee...I need something to keep me awake.

Side note: I'm getting more dependant on stimulants like Tea and Coffee...this is no good. And I like the big stuff like Lattes that cost like $ bank account will not like this.

Ok...seriously, back to working and reading.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

A To Do List

Click on the title link for a fantastic to do list of comedic proportions.

I don't know if that sentance actually made sense or not. It's almost 8am and I'm on the radio, so that's my excuse.

btw...go to

do it. Now.

Saturday, December 2, 2006

Someone want to do this with me?

This is the best Contest ever...

Smilefest 2006.

Someone please do this with me, it would be amazing.

Only Me

Only I would find the college radio interview of Hanson on iTunes while searching for something else completely.


Search for WJRH and you'll find it under's from October 2005...but it's there.

And I found it.

Plus...this is pretty much the best video.

Have I mentioned that I love YouTube?

Friday, December 1, 2006

Who Greenlighted this?

Who gave the go-ahead for this new reality? Really?

I understand that it's fox...but really. It's just special, and it's the free download on iTunes. So, of course I'm downloading it because I actually watched Thursday night TV on Thursday (imagine doing that!) and have nothing better to do.

Plus I guess I'm curious. And it's probably trashy TV.
Just by looking at it, I'd say it belongs in a block with The Girls Next Door and The Simple Life and Dr. 90210...E! should have picked this one up. It falls within their genre of trashy-sex reality shows.

But they're all so addicting.

Damn them.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My sister and I

I love that my sister and I can now share clothes...
I've done my part and lost a bit of weight and she's gained a little. I lost more than she gained.
But that's besides the point...

So this weekend, she's got a Semi-Formal to go to and she needed a dress. And I have a semi-formal the weekend after next, so I was looking online to find a dress. I sent her the link to one I liked and she liked it so much she said that she might buy it for her semi-formal.

I thought for a second and I was like...hold on. If I buy this dress and you buy this dress we'll spend money on having the same dress...why would we do that?

This is how we're working this. She ordered the dress in the size that'll work for both of us, it'll be delivered to her on Friday. She wears it for her Saturday Semi-Formal and then sends it to me Monday so I can wear it at my Semi-Formal the next Saturday.

Awesome. Hahaha...all this for a $20 dress. Fantastic.

Click on the title of the post for a link to the dress we bought.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

hoping things go well...

I'm hoping and wishing and praying that the next few weeks go well. Please, God let them go smoothly. Please?

Two-fer Tuesday

I'm just sitting around right now. Practically done with my final project for my Animation class. YAY!
But I took some time out to watch a little TV.

I'm flipping between 3lbs and the American Music Awards.

Speaking of...go to iTunes and download the 3lbs Pilot's beautiful. Really well done show that should be on Showtime or HBO or even FX, not CBS. Though it does fit CBS' newer image as more of a network for science junkies, CSI anyone? But watch it, it's awesome.

So now I'm watching what I assume is the second episode. I came in late, so I don't know exactly what's happening but they just did a test on this woman who's pregnant. They're trying to get her right ride brean to speak. And they asked her right brain what made her angry, and she typed "baby". They asked why? and she typed "Need Radiation". WHA?!
*commercial break*

Excuse me while I ogle over John Mayer...and yes I know the stories. He's probably an ass, I don't intend on meeting him. But I'll watch and listen for now. ;)

Ok...back to 3lbs. Stanley Tucci is an arogant bastard in this show. It's amazing.

Cool things about this show...
1. Stanley Tucci
2. It's focused less on the medicine and more on the spiritual representation of what happens in our brains. Which is different.
3. The female Neurologist's british's so much more refined than Midge's accent. (my alter-ego)
4. That guy that was in every other B movie, but I couldn't tell you which ones.

now...for some Good Eats...Soups for Kids
YAY Alton Brown.
Have I mentioned how much I love this guy? I liken him to Bill Nye, but Alton's for food, and more for adults.
Watch Good Eats.

So in summary...
1. Watch and download 3lbs.
2. Watch Good Eats
3. I like to watch John Mayer

the end.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Saturday, November 18, 2006

and I digress

So I've stumbled across a livejournal of a friend. It was one of those things that I just found in a profile, or as a link somewhere. But the fact is, I found it.

And I was inspired. He poured his heart and soul into those words. As much as they weren't all that specific, they were very heartfelt and just splashed out on the page. His writing relied more on the vocabulary and manipulating the english language to achieve a higher sense of understand that I could only dream of achieving.

I have a completely different style. I am too conversational. I lack the vocabulary to achieve literary heights, and so I rely on analogies that sometimes are irrelevant or comical. So kudos to my friend. You are not alone.

and on the level of TV...

I'm watching VH1..."I Married Sebastian Bach". Interesting. Sebastian and his wife are interesting people. Not quite as endearing as the Osbornes or the Hogans, or even the guy from Twisted Sister's family (Dee Snider). By the way...I want to see the reality show for the Sniders, they are hilariously dark and endearing at the same time. (I have no vocabulary)

Sebastian and his wife are a little rough around the edges, but that might be the editing. They go from talking about how much they're in love to him yelling at her. It just made him look bitchy and her like a slab of concrete to his steam roller. C'mon girl, get a little backbone. Apparently his new band is living in their Jersey home all together? Can I just say, weird?

Oh, here comes a White Stripes montage about sexual habits. ohh...Queens of the Stone Age. Why is it that these shows all have the same soundtrack? Please, MTV, VH1 get a new CD. Just one. I'm sure lots of people would give you one that's different.

Ok...enough about the sex and shit. We get it, you're in love. You don't have to cry about it now. Aww...slow motion was included. Annnd they're done. Thank goodness. Now for sleep.

P.s. the tone of this entry completely changed from beginning to end. special is all I can say.

Friday, October 6, 2006

I'm in love

So thanks to VIC I've found another musician I can't get enough of and just can't get out of my head.

Sorry Panic! I've found your replacement, for the time being.

I have yet to really listen to the lyrics b/c I'm too busy dancing to "Everybody But You". Totally worth a look on iTunes or mySpace.

Marc Broussard with more of a beat and more music! I love it.

The end.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Jared Leto and the Blog

I know, I's been forever.

But I think I'll just leave this blog to tid-bits that i find online that I love. Like this gem of a link.


I need to get a job like this one.

"Leto is keeping the “From Yesterday” video details under wraps, but he said the concept is one he’s been tossing around for quite some time. “It’ll be very challenging but will fit the song like a glove,” he said. “You can count on something spectacular, exciting, fun and slightly perverted.”

TRANSLATION: I still haven’t found a director who has been able to withstand my pretentious douchebaggery long enough to film a single frame of my next video, but when I do, you can count on something that is unspeakably retarded."

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I just have to post this...

This lady makes my week. The end.

Hey Maggiegirl!!!!!!!!
Sounds like you're smokin' little lady. Not surprised to say the least.
You should get your arse back to Los Angeles before the world blows up
becuause of the abundance of "Muslim Testosterone" in the
air....buggers that they are.

So glad to hear you're doing well.

She's one of my favorite Lesbians.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Obsession with Models...or is it just Fashion?

So I've recently discovered a pattern.

The following shows I watch whenever they are on...
-America's Next Top Model (rerun marathons on VH1...b/c Ithaca doesn't get UPN...but we'll get the CW in the fall!)
-Project Runway
-Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency
-Project Jay

I will watch anything having to do with models and fashion.
One of the best movies on that independant TV station that doesn't have a network and can't afford the really awesome movies is Mannequin. Ever seen it? Brilliance. Kim Cattrall waaay before Sex and the City and that dude from all the 80s movies. Well, it's awesome. Rent it, netflicks it.

Maybe I was a model in a former life. I'd love to be one, that would be fun...but I'm waaaay too short for it (not to mention not a size 0). But I can always live vicariously through these shows. Which reminds me...when I save up enough I'll get Project Runway on DVD.

And I kind of consider myself something of a fashion designer with my knitting. Something. Not all-thing. I still follow a pattern but the colors are my own. And since I haven't perfected the gauge's the sizing. Oh man. My last sweater was bad. I need to perfect the gauge thing.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Project Runway Episodes 1 & 2

Oh dear...I am soooo behind already!

So in the first episode of Project Runway...
Wall to Wall Challenge

-The designers arrived at Atlas Apartments and were welcomed by Heidi and Tim in a Roof Top party only to discover they were to use their apartments as the materials for their first challenge.
-Chaos ensues --insert evil Malan laugh here
-Vincent creates a hat out of a basket, and is delusional about his own brilliance as a designer (I think he left his mind in the 80s too)
-The Designers return to their apartments thinking they'd be back to brand-new glory (classic reality show style). But no, Project Runway isn't you're ordinary reality show. And the designers return to the same squalor they left their apartments in. Oh snap were they mad. Andy Cohen from Bravo's ranks thought this was mean to include in the actual show. But I guess the kids at Magic Elves (production company) won out on that one. I thought it was a little tacky, but it shows that this is just a reality show. Can't take advantage of it. There will be twists and turns.
-Keith creates a dress from a bed sheet that wins
-Stacy the Harvard Grad is Auf'd
-Keith wins! (His first dress, ever made) and is granted immunity for the next challenge. Personally, I thought Keith's dress was nice, but c'mon, he could have done the same thing with fabric. He should have been a bit more innovative (that's what this is about) and really used new and different materials to make his garment unique.

Episode 2!!!
Miss USA Challenge

-This time the Designers faced a Client Challenge making a dress, excuse me, evening gown for Miss USA Tara Conner. And this was to be no ordinary evening gown, but one that would be worn by Tara during the Miss Universe Pagent.
-Team Challenge!
-30 minutes to sketch--Angela's bad move #1 --bugging and bugging and bugging Kayne about working with him
-Pitching to Tara--Angela's bad move #2-- "I don't sketch, I'm just going to ask a few questions. Do you like empire waist?"
-Choosing the Designs--Malan, Laura, Keith, Vincent, Kayne, Jeffery and Uli's designs were chosen and then...
-Choosing teams...dun dun dun --Laura got Keith (made in heaven), Jeffery got Allison (again, made in heaven), Uli got Bonnie (made in heaven), Malan got Katherine (made in heaven), Keith got Bradley (made in heaven), Vincent got Allison--I mean Angela (made in the deepest circle of hell).
-Angela's bad move #3--no respect for Vincent...if anything she should have been his cheerleader and perhaps offering things to do. Would you like me to baste this? Or press that? Sitting around will not keep her around or make her look good in the eyes of the judges.
-Vincent was WAAAYYY too headstrong about his design and he needs to learn how to share and how to work in a team. Tim Gunn's even said that Vincent wouldn't listen to anything he had to say and would shoo him away. C'mon Vincent, there's a reason Tim's there. HELP.
-So I really started to feel for Malan. I mean the story about his mother and proving himself and all. I really wanted him to go on.
-Runway time...Angela's bad move #4--Don't start ripping apart the dress you're attached to (even as a part of a team). Don't verbally abuse the about the DESIGNER. If she had spoken up about working with Vincent and his lack of teamwork, she might have gotten him kicked off. But no.
-Malan left. :( I wanted to see him continue. Ah man. Kick off the boring Bradley, yeah, he's boring. Kick him off.
-But but but Kayne (Mr. Pagent himself) won! YAY!!! And he should have. It was a good thing to see him win. Last season with Santino and the Barbie thing, Santino claimed that Barbie was his thing and that he'd win blah blah. But no, it was Nick. But YAYYAYAYAY for Kayne! He'll be around for at least another episode.

but what's of this scandal...when will someone be asked to leave by THE Tim Gunn? Why must you tease us a-la-Survivor and not actually deliver for 3 weeks! WHY?!

damn...I love this show

Friday, July 14, 2006

Cute Deputy

This is special. That's all I's gots to say. Yes, that was horrible english. Yes, I know. I won't do it again, much.

But this lady's special. Calling 911 to get the number for a deputy...doesn't she already have it? 911!

lame...I know.

Thursday, July 6, 2006

Emmy Emmy Emmys!!

I'm just going to go down the complete list and comment from time to time...comments in blue

Outstanding Animated Program (less an an hour)
Family Guy totally deserved here
Simpsons shouldn't they already have a bazillion Emmy's by now?
South Park without Chef? how could they?

Outstanding Art Direction for a Multi-Camera Series
How I Met Your Mother
Stacked is that still on?
Will & Grace only the most-used set in Hollywood for pilots ever

Art Direction for a Single-Camera Series
Desperate Housewives long as Hatcher doesn't win anything
House yes please
Nip/Tuck in general, and specific...this show scares me
Six Feet Under ok...we get it HBO's great

Casting for a Drama Series
Big Love
Boston Legal hells yes please...James Spader...and HELLOO "Denny Crane"
Grey's Anatomy Shonda did casting the way it should be done...don't physically box people in, let the characters speak for themselves. Allowing the characters on the page find the actors they want ignores the actor's physicality and concentrates on their ability and craft.

Dancing with the Stars x3
High School the Musical KENNY ORTEGA!!! of Newsboys Choreography/Directing fame totally deserves this...even though I haven't seen this...though I should have
Suite Life of Zach and Cody

Cinematography for Nonfiction
The Apprentice
Project Runway both a hells yes please...can they share?

skipping a few... blah blah blah....

Directing for a Comedy Series
Curb Your Enthusiasm it's the winner...hands down there are no other nominees as far as I'm concerned...ok well one or ok...two
My Name is Earl

Lead Actor in a Comedy
Larry David -- Curb
Kevin James -- King of Queens just for the pole dancing episode ALONE
Tony Shalhoub--Monk awesome
Steve Carell -- The Office hells yes!
Charlie Sheen -- 2.5 Men eh...I guess they needed one more

Lead Actor in a Drama
Christopher Meloni -- Law and Order: SVU he deserves some props...I'll prop that
Denis Leary--Rescue Me
Peter Krause -- Six Feet Under
Kiefer Sutherland -- 24
Martin Sheen -- West Wing

Lead Actress in a Comedy
Lisa Kudrow -- The Comeback
Jane Kaczmarek -- Malcolm very deserved here
Julia Louis-Dreyfus --Old Christine
Stockard Channing -- Out of Pracitce wasn't that canceled too?
Debra Messing --I'm sorry Court...but no. No, no. Please God no.

Lead Actress in a Drama
Kyra Sedgwick--Closer
Geena Davis--Commander in Chief
Mariska Hargitay--SVU
Frances Conroy -- Six Feet Under
Allison Janney --West Wing

Supporting Actor in a Comedy
Will Arnet -- Arrested Development
Jeremy Piven -- Entourage
Bryan Cranston -- Malcolm
John Cryer -- 2.5 Men I'm not a fan of the show, but c'mon he was DUCKIE!
Sean Hayes -- W&G oh gee...forgot about him...but the emmy goes to *hands* JUST JACK!

Supporting Actor in a Drama
William Shatner -- Boston Legal so just give it to competition who are these other guys reall?

Supporting Actress in a Comedy
Cheryl Hines -- Curb I must admit...brilliant
Alfre Woodard -- Desperate Housewives Just because she got killed off on Inconceivable
Jaime Pressly -- Earl
Elizabeth Perkins -- Weeds
Megan Mullally -- W&G Court...Meg's got some tough competition. Final season included. Yikes, Weeds! So a Drug Dealer in Weeds, and Trailer Trash in Earl and then Meg's a Drunk/Prescription-addicted Socialite, Alfre's got someone locked away in her basemetn and Cheryl's got Larry David. Which can we all agree is just as bad as the other situations?

Supporting Actress in a Drama
Candice Bergen -- Boston Legal amazing
Sandra Oh -- Grey's didn't she already win? if so...let someone else up to bat
Chandra Wilson -- Grey's So...basically Dr Bailey needs to kick ass here. I think Bailey could take on Bergen...maybe not Blythe Danner...well it would be a close match. Let's watch them fight it out. First one to the podeum wins! and.........go!
Blythe Danner -- Huff
Jean Smart -- 24

Guest Actor in a Comedy
I wouldn't normally talk about this particular award...but...look at the Nominees really?
Patrick Stewart -- Extras
Ben Stiller --Extras
Martin Sheen -- 2.5 Men
LESLIE JORDAN -- W&G Beverley Leslie show anyone? Hells yes.

Outstanding Comedy Series
Arrested Development duh, Critic's darling
Curb Your Enthusiasm is that your pant's tent or are you just happy to see me?
The Office So who was completely shocked when Jim and Pam kissed? Ummm...I died and went to heaven!
Scrubs Where have all my Tuesdays gone?
2.5 Men no thanks...I'll pass on that last one

Outstanding Drama Series
Grey's Anatomy the mid-season shocker! Gotta love it.
The Sopranos
West Wing I really want Grey's to win, but I have a hunch that West Wing will because it's over, and older people loved it

Outstanding Nonfiction Special
How William Shatner Changed the World there are no other nominees...this WILL win. It's hysterical. And I only saw the last 5 minutes of it. Hmmm...must TiVO!

Outstanding Reality Program
Antiques Roadshow
The Dog Whisperer
Extreme Makeover:Home Edition
KATHY GRIFFIN: My life on the D List! YAY KATHY! You're still B+ in my heart
Penn and Teller: Bullshit!

Reality-Competition Program
The Amazing Race
American Idol
Dancing with the Stars
Project Runway NEEDS to win desperately. And should, really
uhh...The Apprentice is missing from that list...take off Dancing with the Stars

So I've waited practically a week to post this (seeing how it was only half done) but now it's done. I'm just gonna skip the other awards. I'm tired and finished with this and it's a SUPER long enjoy and feedback is welcome

Monday, July 3, 2006

man...I'm getting older

So Zac Hanson's married? What the hell?

Am I living in some parallel Hanson-Fan-Fiction universe?
I think so.
To me that photo looks fake. It's just weird seeing him with a girl, not that he should be with a guy. But that I've never seen him with a girl in a public photo, so it seems weird to think of him with a wife. Married. And me...still in college, not even remotely thinking about marriage. Let alone committing to anyone at this point in my life.


Thursday, June 29, 2006

5 takes...the last 5 minutes and soapnet

Buddhist Monastary
-Why is Gabe the only one that stays in the monastary? (I don't think I'm spelling that right)
-He seems a bit put-off by the monks, and they're not feeding him for 24 hours...uhhh...yeah.
-Buddhist Almsgiving to the Monks--Josh says he can get a rush from feeding monks.

It looks like they're keeping with the artsy type-MTV-styled monologues. They kind of remind me of Made...but better.

I Wanna Be A Soap Star
SoapNet 11pm Thursdays

Wow...I totally fell into this show. I don't watch Soaps...really I don't. And this is the only show I watch on SoapNet, mainly because it's hilarious and the scenes are crazy and I want to see what Kelly does that drives everyone nuts. Terrific casting.

Kelly wow...she's totally from Ithaca. She's Ms. Ethereal.

So, all these cast members want to be Soap Stars, but only one of them will get a role on One Life To Live. So, they've got scenes to learn and one person is voted off or excuse me, "killed off" by the judges.

Love scenes this week.

Can I just is Dean hot. Awkward when an acting coach is telling you where to put your head in a kiss.

Tough break for Mikey, working with Kelly. He REALLY hates her.
The dress ripping off looks really painful too. it's between Aysinde and Dean

and Dean. Nooo don't go. That judge is totally wrong, Dean is hot and totally sexy and very much had chemistry with his partner

Monday, June 26, 2006

just a singe...

Hells Kitchen ya'll
Fox Mondays 9pm

This is one of the most manufactured reality shows there is. And sometimes it's not manufactured well. I think this company should take a cue from Project Runway and get more interesting characters and then you don't have to rely on creating drama where there is little.

I think the cameras are not as close to the action as they could be. Maybe it's because there is more work for them to do everyday that is less interesting to the camera. But either way it doesn't look as good. And they're using grainy zooms in post. Maybe they don't have the money to hire the crew? I don't know.

But man, am I hating Sara and loving Heather right about now. They got through the Kindergarten Lunch Service because the kids were less picky and Chef let things pass that he wouldn't have if it was Dinner service. And whoa do I hate Sara...she should have gone home. She's playing all the girls.


How to Get the Guy (because I need to know this too)
ABC Mondays 10pm

Tips on how to move on...
1. Use a friend as an excuse ("Oh hey, there's so-and-so I need to go say hi")
2. I've got to mingle

Ahh...the bowling guy is totally checking her out WAYYY more than the bowling. Awwwww're too cute. Can I have this? Go go...aww was that kissage? I think so!!

I haven't seen this show yet. But I think I really like it so far. It's the summer romance I've been looking for in the wrong places. Real Life. Movies. But's on TV! I like the feel of it, reality TV without so much of the reality TV behind it. It's very honest and lets everything play out. So it seems like these women are partaking in something that works around their real lives instead of taking them over. Which is what is supposed to be the basis of Reality TV, in my opinion.

The female host totally used to host While you Were Out on TLC. Totally.

So the dumbest News story ever on a news station here in Boston (and you know they've been sitting on this one for a while).
"The Busiest Dunkin Donuts in the world is located right here in New England. More at 11."

New England is the only place on Earth that CARES about Dunkin' Donuts. But I digress...

Back to How to Get the Guy (yes I'm watching it)

Awww...the elliptical scene was cute. Too bad it wasn't an actual date. Awwww the Asian girl (Chris) and Josh. Hells yes with Public Displays of Affection...I'm all for them. In massive public areas subtle and simple is best.

This is a total love letter to San Francisco. Really well shot, in the style of The Apprentice almost, but more real life.

I found my chick flick.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

this is brilliant...3rd date movies

So you gotta read this article. It's good. The end.

For me on a third date I might show my date Zoolander, or opt for the Colin Firth Briget Jones...or movie. Second Hand Lions or Finding Neverland.

that's me

Thursday, June 22, 2006

5 takes: Poetry?

Like Butta...

The TJ's first impressions of Hong Kong, played like beat poetry or a rap set to images. How can I not love this show? The editing and camera-work is awesome and very inspired.

Check out their community/blogs/video-blogs (I am anti-"vlog") here

the end

p.s. the chats during this show can be ridiculous (live chats)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Does America have Talent?

The Acts
Commentary as it comes

  1. Professional Cool. That was bad-ass. Dad...please stop trying to imitate it now. It's over.
  2. Dave The Horn Guy...the 2nd song was better. A bit lame on his own.
  3. Blue Velvet...the B52s minus the band.
  4. missed one
  5. Sid the Kid...stole the show.
  6. Juggled staged.
  7. The Shadow Dancers...donkeys? Isn't that animal cruelty?Wow...this act is boring
  8. Bernie Barker, The World's Oldest Male Stripper...any relation to Bob Barker? David Hasselholf totally enjoyed it. Dave just wanted to see naked old man.
  9. Whitney-14-Years-Old...Alexis Jordan...big voice, ok. Let's see if she can take it home. Does she have a record contract already? I'd sign her. Damn. Brandy's acting like a proud mother. Katherine McPhee don't ever do Whitney again b/c this girl's got you beat. [side note: what's with the awesome kids??]
  10. Saw Man...nope...he wasn't even on long enough for me to notice what exactly he was supposed to do.
  11. Kevin Johnson...ventriloquist, WHAT?! How the hell does he do that? He was talking and his mouth wasn't fact, it was closed. WHA!? Top that Godzilla act Mr. Johnson. Do better and the kids might have some competition.
  12. Cathy, Singing Harpist...Piers was right, funeral music is what she does best. Floating in the clouds perhaps too.
  13. Harry Carry...impressions, wow this is sad. was the microphone...uh huh...NOT
  14. Vladimir...very Cirque Du Soleil, and cool.
  15. Basketball People...totally Harlem Globetrotters without the patriotic get-up.
  16. Nose Flute?...nuff said good heckler though...he was worth the personality
  17. Betty, the Singer...
  18. The Bright Eyes that was such a Hairspray Moment
  19. Juggler Dudes music and lights...but lets see something that's world class

    Whoa...Brandi's about to go off on Piers and Dave. But back to the juggler.
    Dude, if you are a World-Class Juggler why are you juggling tennis balls? That's not exciting.
  20. Magician...
  21. Cow with Milky Utters Dave said it right..."Utterly ridiculous"

    I think this is beneath Regis. And this is too long for 2 hours of's entertaining but not THAT entertaining.

  22. Gospel Man...way cool with the microphone gymnastics
  23. Vladick...Yet another Juggler...a little more artsy. This was a cross between the gymnasts and juggling. THIS is juggling at the max. I totally agree with Piers.

I am tired...and I'm gonna go to, it's off.
Sorry Simon Cowell, you had me for an hour and a half, but that's all I can handle. I'm not sticking around for the rapping granny, you'll have to let me know how that goes.


The Lake House: Movie Review

ohh helll nah...

I'm disappointed in Sandra Bullock. She's had a run of decent movies. They weren't Oscar winners (but that's because no one gets an Oscar for comedy/romance anymore) but they weren't bad. This one WAS bad.

The trailer was only the best parts of the whole movie. And it was the only bit of good editing that was had for this film.

First of all...

  • Acting:
    • Sandra...believable...some crappy lines...but somewhat believable.
    • Keanu...oh no. He was NOT believable at all. The only moment when it seemed natural was when he stumbled over words right before their first kiss. But the worst moment was when he kissed the letters before putting them in the box. That moment was VERY student film.
    • Keanu's Brother...oh did he have some bad lines...I'm sure he would have been better...but horrible lines
    • Dog...loved the dog..can I keep him?

  • Directing:
    • Shot Choice...What the hell? Doesn't this Director know about the same-head-size thing?! There were TOO many conversations between people without competent matching shots. For example...Alex(Keanu's Character) and the girl at his work's first conversation. She's got a close up, he's got a wide shot? Why?! What's the purpose of that?! And again with Sandra's conversation with her mother about her dead father. WHY ISN"T IT A CLOSE-UP ON THE MOM?! Show the emotion! The CAMERA dictates what the audience sees and what they feel.

    • Camera horrible as the shot choices were...some of the camera angles were worse. In the above mentioned scene on the construction lot, why is the close up on the girl shot from below her looking down? I think this director has his unspoken cues mixed up. I'm sure his films are good in Argentina (where he's from)...but maybe he just had a hard time communicating to his crew (that was probably more American than anything) what he needed from them.

  • Editing:
    • Scenes...the scenes were tooo long. Especially the scene introducing Keanu's father. It could have been cut cut shebang done. The brother was almost an inconsequential character he had little to no impact on the plot.

    • Screenplay:
      • Plot...oh dear were there HUGE gaping holes in the plot here. The time thing was not completely fleshed out. It complicates things when they know each other and would know the names. There are debates online about whether or not she would have recognized his brother's name when she hired him, and if she had actually changed the future by sending the letter or if it was already planned out.

        Clarifications would have been a nice thing, simple titles that could have clued the audience in to exactly how much time has passed. I wasn't sure if this movie took place over the period of years or months in 2006. It was not clear at all.

        She totally would have remembered the name of the guy that died...she would have signed the death certificate.

        The set up was too weak and not enough time or energy was put into how these two people would fall in love. And each time they wrote each other, how they did it was irrelevent and irresponsible. How can they have a conversation if she's only at the house on weekends. It was just crazy.

        This movie had sooo much potential. It is a great premise, and could have been great...really great.

I want to see the movie in the trailer. I might just go out and rent the Japanese movie it was based on. But save your money from this horror and see a student film's cheaper and a better use of your time.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Kathy Griffin = B+

So Kathy is my hero. Adore her. Love her like a gay man. (I'm totally a gay man...more on that later).

This episode this past week was about her eBay weekend-winner Michael who was totally horrible. He was looking for a free iPod somewhere in her house and turning down her food. Hell, Michael...if she didn't give you an iPod you would have been stealing it if you had found them. I was absolutely appalled by what he was doing. Loser. Really. I'm sorry Michael if you're reading this...but damn.

I had my Kathy Griffin experience, on the Emmy Red carpet this past year. September exactly....i remember it well.
Gaiken was interviewing my fellow Fan-Stand-ers while the rest of the red carpet was packing up to go home. When I spotted her. The purple taffetta (or flowy dress anywho) was blaring and screaming my name. "Maggie...oh MAAGGGIIIEEE...Yell at me....acknowledge me....Magggieeeeeee"

So I did what any other fan would have done.

"Yup" she said as she ran the other direction flashing me what looked like a thumbs up (could have been the bird).

gays love that story.

trackback! what?! Kathy's Blog
You go girl. I'll take your giftbags!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

5 takes: pacific rim

Dear Travel Channel,
Je t'aime.

No really. I love the Travel Channel and I'm sad that I only discovered 5 Takes: Pacific Rim in the past couple of weeks. It's a GREAT show! So interesting...and inviting and fun!

So here's the concept...
Five 20-Somethings take on the Pacific Rim (first season was Europe) with cameras and microphones. They're called TJs or Travel Journalists. And it's their job to bring their best friends (us) along with them on their adventures.

I'm watching the Taipei, Taiwan episode right now. It's fantastic. I want to do it. I want to go on this trip.

It's raining and their finding the coolest ways to pass the time.
Tallest tower in the world.
Dragon Boat Festival
Snake Alley--TJ Gage ate a for him

This show's style has changed a bit since I first saw it. It's defintely more MTV, fast cuts, canted shots. Quick zooms, out of focus at times. Very Macroed. I like it. The themes of the shows have been very self-discovery oriented. These travelers have been put in a bunch of situations that are completely out of their normal comfort zone. And it's really interesting to watch how they react.

I highly suggest it...10pm Thursdays Travel Channel...too bad next week's the last episode.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The 4400...overdue

So why did Lily have to die exactly?

Why did Isabelle have to grow up so fast?

This show's focus and initial story has completely taken a turn. I like it. But it's definitely in a different place from where it started in the first season.
The first season was all about alien worlds and such. With the scene on the beach with Kyle and his Dad, we had the introduction to the future beings and the idea that the 4400 were saving the world, and not trying to bring it to an end. They were preventing the end.

Season Two expanded on that idea. And brought us the Promicin Inhibitor at the end of the season. That completely threw me for a loop. But I loved stepped up a notch.

And now...Lily's death (oh my Richard, my) and Isabelle's growth create a whole new problem. What is Isabelle's role? And what does the PR/Washington dude know about it? Can she choose to be evil or good?

Sunday, June 11, 2006

blind ambition

Law and Order: Criminal Intent
Bravo 11pm

Mrs. Whitney has Harvey kill her husband so she can become a star and live out her life's ambition. He's got an addiction to star power getting his picture taken with each and every celebrity he can. It was sad, really, to see how he killed her husband and in turn she had his mother killed. Both of them plotted to kill the other's only loved one in the world.

An interesting take on celebrity culture, or rather the people that wish they were a part of that world. But most of them are grandly disillusioned. I'd like to say that I'm not one of them. But perhaps, it's true. I'd rather watch an entertainment news show than face the realities of this world's politics and gory news. Maybe that's a product of my own escapism from real life.

After I sleep I'll post about The 4400 season premiere! YAY!...or rather *tear*

why do this?

So I'm writing yet another blog. But this time it's not a general-no-name-nothing blog I won't update. I'm bored here in Central Massachusetts, but I've got Television to occupy me. Something to study and take hints from. I'm fried...tired, taking in too much food (getting a little pudgy...uh oh) and I'm a TV Couch Potato...hence the name.

Fried TV Taters!