Thursday, June 29, 2006

5 takes...the last 5 minutes and soapnet

Buddhist Monastary
-Why is Gabe the only one that stays in the monastary? (I don't think I'm spelling that right)
-He seems a bit put-off by the monks, and they're not feeding him for 24 hours...uhhh...yeah.
-Buddhist Almsgiving to the Monks--Josh says he can get a rush from feeding monks.

It looks like they're keeping with the artsy type-MTV-styled monologues. They kind of remind me of Made...but better.

I Wanna Be A Soap Star
SoapNet 11pm Thursdays

Wow...I totally fell into this show. I don't watch Soaps...really I don't. And this is the only show I watch on SoapNet, mainly because it's hilarious and the scenes are crazy and I want to see what Kelly does that drives everyone nuts. Terrific casting.

Kelly wow...she's totally from Ithaca. She's Ms. Ethereal.

So, all these cast members want to be Soap Stars, but only one of them will get a role on One Life To Live. So, they've got scenes to learn and one person is voted off or excuse me, "killed off" by the judges.

Love scenes this week.

Can I just is Dean hot. Awkward when an acting coach is telling you where to put your head in a kiss.

Tough break for Mikey, working with Kelly. He REALLY hates her.
The dress ripping off looks really painful too. it's between Aysinde and Dean

and Dean. Nooo don't go. That judge is totally wrong, Dean is hot and totally sexy and very much had chemistry with his partner

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  1. Cameron Mathison and I are buddies at work. Don't be too jealous now... Haha. And I'm sad I don't get SoapNet.