Monday, June 26, 2006

just a singe...

Hells Kitchen ya'll
Fox Mondays 9pm

This is one of the most manufactured reality shows there is. And sometimes it's not manufactured well. I think this company should take a cue from Project Runway and get more interesting characters and then you don't have to rely on creating drama where there is little.

I think the cameras are not as close to the action as they could be. Maybe it's because there is more work for them to do everyday that is less interesting to the camera. But either way it doesn't look as good. And they're using grainy zooms in post. Maybe they don't have the money to hire the crew? I don't know.

But man, am I hating Sara and loving Heather right about now. They got through the Kindergarten Lunch Service because the kids were less picky and Chef let things pass that he wouldn't have if it was Dinner service. And whoa do I hate Sara...she should have gone home. She's playing all the girls.


How to Get the Guy (because I need to know this too)
ABC Mondays 10pm

Tips on how to move on...
1. Use a friend as an excuse ("Oh hey, there's so-and-so I need to go say hi")
2. I've got to mingle

Ahh...the bowling guy is totally checking her out WAYYY more than the bowling. Awwwww're too cute. Can I have this? Go go...aww was that kissage? I think so!!

I haven't seen this show yet. But I think I really like it so far. It's the summer romance I've been looking for in the wrong places. Real Life. Movies. But's on TV! I like the feel of it, reality TV without so much of the reality TV behind it. It's very honest and lets everything play out. So it seems like these women are partaking in something that works around their real lives instead of taking them over. Which is what is supposed to be the basis of Reality TV, in my opinion.

The female host totally used to host While you Were Out on TLC. Totally.

So the dumbest News story ever on a news station here in Boston (and you know they've been sitting on this one for a while).
"The Busiest Dunkin Donuts in the world is located right here in New England. More at 11."

New England is the only place on Earth that CARES about Dunkin' Donuts. But I digress...

Back to How to Get the Guy (yes I'm watching it)

Awww...the elliptical scene was cute. Too bad it wasn't an actual date. Awwww the Asian girl (Chris) and Josh. Hells yes with Public Displays of Affection...I'm all for them. In massive public areas subtle and simple is best.

This is a total love letter to San Francisco. Really well shot, in the style of The Apprentice almost, but more real life.

I found my chick flick.

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