Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I like that this turned into a youtube blog

I've been trying to find this clip...for a while.

And I found it. If you don't know what I'm talking about when I say "I'm so excited, I'm so excited, I'm soo...SCARED" then just watch. Watch and enjoy. This one clip manages to tie up pretty much the whole storyline in about 6 minutes. Love it.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I'll make Bar-B-Que!

I'll make Bar-B-Que, if you want me to.

And "My Body is like Disneyland"....amazing. The end.

Just watch. Just watch. This is Dave Barnes...yes, Dave Barnes.

I weap

So I fell in love with a particular portrayal of Buzz Lightyear, on a particularly hilarious legal show...

Craig Bierko used to play the incomperable Jeffery Coho on Boston Legal.

But I'll assume you knew that already.
This guy was awesome. He'd do anything. He had a fist fight over Denise with another one of the characters on the show, Brad. These two were having tiffs and scoffs long before Denise came into the picture. Ever since Jeffery Coho showed up, him and Brad have been fighting like two coyotes over a piece of meat.

Eventually, Denise came up with the idea of being "friends with benefits" with both of them. Telling each one, "It's over if anyone finds out."

But no one had to find out because Alan Shore, play by the creepy-but-sexy? James Spader...and he's extra creepy, let me just put it that way...anyway...Alan Shore finds out. This is the weird part...he doesn't find out because someone told him or because he finds anyone in the act. He actually SMELLS it on Denise. He SMELLS both Brad and Jeffery on her. Can we get an "Ewww"?

But regardless...

Denise finds herself pregnant. Opps.

And after some tension and a sit down with all three parties present, she tells the boys what they may be in for. She discloses everything.


She insists that she wants to know who the father is and swabs both of them.

Tension, tension, tension...

and the winner is.......

We learn that Jeffery really kind of wanted that baby to be his. And this is the part where I wait for Denise to turn around and say...JUST KIDDING! It's really yours, Jeffery! But no...oh no...poor Jeffery's had his heart broken.

He starts talking about his daughter. (he had a daughter?!) and how he wanted to spend actual time with this kid, and blah blah blah...oh so sweet. (I'm a sucker)

And he explains to Shirley (THE Murphy Brown herself, Candice Bergen) that he needs to leave Crane, Poole and Schmidt for a lesser and less busy practice.

Teary moment with Shirley Schimdt and then it's off to the races.

Except....uhh...that Buzz Lightyear costume won't come off...opps.

And he leaves with it on. Classic.

The end.

The true story is that Craig Bierko, yes, the actor that turned down the role of Chandler, is trying his hand at Sitcoms yet again. He's staring in the new Fox comedy "The Rules for Starting Over" as a newly single 30-something guy. I'll be watching if it gets picked up. I do hope so.

But I'm still sad...b/c Craig Bierko will no longer be gracing my TV screen. least not for half a year.

Monday, February 19, 2007

OMG...I'm so mellow-dramatic

sorry for the recent mellow-dramatics...I'm tired. Sleep. Please. now.

Sometimes Post Secret just hits you right here

What I watched tonight
  • The Class

    I love you, I love you so much it physically hurts. I want all of you. Or I want nothing. And you made it clear which it is.
    *He walks away...*

    *she says*
    What if it's all?

    you don't know what you're missing.

    "The Class"

    oh so good

  • Sunday, February 18, 2007

    Phil Collin's Lyrics to "True Colors"

    You with the sad eyes
    Dont be discouraged
    Oh I realize
    Its hard to take courage
    In a world full of people
    You can lose sight of it all
    And the darkness, inside you
    Can make you feel so small

    But I see your true colors
    Shining through
    I see your true colors
    And thats why I love you
    So dont be afraid to let them show
    Your true colors
    True colors are beautiful,
    Like a rainbow

    Show me a smile then,
    Dont be unhappy, cant remember
    When I last saw you laughing
    If this world makes you crazy
    And youve taken all you can bear
    You call me up
    Because you know Ill be there

    And Ill see your true colors
    Shining through
    I see your true colors
    And thats why I love you
    So dont be afraid to let them show
    Your true colors
    True colors are beautiful,
    Like a rainbow

    [intru part]

    So sad eyes
    Discouraged now

    When this world makes you crazy
    And youve taken all you can bear
    You call me up
    Because you know Ill be there

    And Ill see your true colors
    Shining through
    I see your true colors
    And thats why I love you
    So dont be afraid to let them show
    Your true colors
    True colors, true colors

    Cos theres a shining through
    I see your true colors
    And thats why I love you
    So dont be afraid to let them show
    Your true colors, true colors
    True colors are beautiful,
    Beautiful, like a rainbow

    Thursday, February 15, 2007

    Coming Soon to a Fried TV Tater Blog Near You...

    Coming later this weekend...

    -New Music I've discovered...thanks to a little radio station called ViC Radio
    Including: Morris 8, Mat Kearney, Matt Wertz (yet again), Locksley, and so much more! YAY!

    -Updates about the Jared Campbell Documentary I'm working on

    -Craig Bierko news...Boston Legal/The Office news...oh man...this could change everything.

    OMG...I've got stuff to talk about that one.

    -Survivor-ness...maybe I'll just post some of the chatter from "The Fix: Monday" from PJohn and I's radio show...onnnnnn know.

    Wednesday, February 14, 2007

    So first...rape is not soooooo funny

    I'm going to break this stuff up into two separate entries.


    You've got to watch this first.

    And then read this...
    Ithacan Blog About it I can talk about it.

    There are two reasons this whole thing offends me.

    1. The news coverage attached to it. Dear Fox are channel 61 for goodness sake...why do you have a newscast at all?! No one does news coverage past channel 21! Even if you have American've lost the ratings war. You are NEVER going to be the number one station in your market. No one can find you between Spike and HGTV.

    But that's not all. They have to go and suck at their jobs. Have these people never seen the news before? They could really learn something. Here are my lessons for you Fox 61 and Eric attention.

    1. Headroom -- that means, when interviewing someone...leave an inch or two above their head on the screen.

    2. Reading Quotes -- actually read what's on the screen why don't you?! "Benefits" does NOT equal "Beautifies"

    3. Lady Walking down the hall --Where the hell is she supposed to be? Did you shoot this package in a prison? Why are all the walls white everywhere? Wow....she turned a corner, I'm going to go to her when I'm sexually assaulted. C'mon. Show her at a computer, show her consulting someone or sorting her brochures.

    4. Interview Over-the-Reporter's Shoulder shot-- what the hell? Mr. Reporter, excuse me... Mr. Eric Zager...your tripod is too low. There are a few things wrong with this shot. Namely, you are too big in it, your tripod is set too low. Two, the editor is too small in the frame, it belittles him. Granted...he should be belittled, but it's not your place to put visual judgement on him.

    5. Another things about this interview...get him to take out his gum. He's smacking it too much.

    6. And lastly...cut out the "ummmmmm....uhhhhhs" geez whiz


    Now the 2nd reason this offends me.

    Dear Mr. John Petroski and Mr. Mark disgust me.
    Have you ever seen Law and Order: Special Victim's Unit? Have you ever known anyone who was raped? Do you have any idea about what that means? Have you noticed that in parts of the world there are people, I write this, that are using Rape as a weapon of war and fear??

    I feel that if you understood these things you wouldn't have chosen such a topic to be "satirical" about. And your piece, I read it, it wasn't all that satirical.

    Not that I'm an expert, but I looked up what it's supposed to be...

    satire |ˈsaˌtīr| noun
    the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues. See note at wit .
    • a play, novel, film, or other work that uses satire : a stinging satire on American politics.
    • a genre of literature characterized by the use of satire.
    • (in Latin literature) a literary miscellany, esp. a poem ridiculing prevalent vices or follies.

    The thing is...for some people in this world I think what you wrote was a true opinion. For some twisted, sick people in this world, that's ok. That's not a necessarily ridiculous thought or really even an exaggeration of anything, that's how some people think. They think that rape is ok. It's ok, this girl's ugly anyways.

    That is where your piece lacks serious consideration on your part, as a writer and as an editor.

    I think the thing that makes satire, satire, is the absolute ridiculousness of it. Your thoughts on that page, really, aren't that ridiculous. Period. Likening yourself to Jonathan Swift is absolute ludacris (not the rapper, the adjective). The difference between you and Swift is that Swift's "Modest Proposal" to the Irish was completely ironic. No one in their right minds, as far as I know, was actually eating their own babies or selling them as stew. Whereas, rape happens, the attitude you portrayed in your article I know all too well as a female college student. As the news story from Fox 61 (God Help them) stated 1 in 5 college females are raped in their college career. While I may not be one of them, I know a great deal more than 5 other women.

    That is where your article cuts deep.

    If anything, you only made fun of women who are raped and further objectified and cut further into psychological and emotional wounds that may never fully heal. Post-tramatic Stress Disorder is on the rise in this country, not only because of soldiers coming back from war, but because of hatred, sex crimes, and horrific events I can't even begin to describe. You'd do well to not add to the misery this world can bring.

    I suggest that you, yourself, Mr. Petroski, visit a therapist and talk to them about your own issues on this subject. Or visit a support group for those that have been raped, and see for yourself.

    Monday, February 5, 2007

    I'm baaaaaack

    So, I'm back-ish.

    I've got my computer back and I couldn't be much happier. Well, that's a lie, but having it back completes my life for the moment. Fills in that large gap I seem to have that is only filled by electronics and computing power and gigabytes of space.

    I'm fantastic like that.

    If I seem like I'm rambling, it's because I am. I just realized that I've spent more time already today in the radio studio than in my bed last night.

    But now, I've got someone shadowing me so he's operating the board, all I have have to do is talk. That's nice.

    Ok...but you really need to watch this., courtney. Watch it now.