Thursday, July 20, 2006

Project Runway Episodes 1 & 2

Oh dear...I am soooo behind already!

So in the first episode of Project Runway...
Wall to Wall Challenge

-The designers arrived at Atlas Apartments and were welcomed by Heidi and Tim in a Roof Top party only to discover they were to use their apartments as the materials for their first challenge.
-Chaos ensues --insert evil Malan laugh here
-Vincent creates a hat out of a basket, and is delusional about his own brilliance as a designer (I think he left his mind in the 80s too)
-The Designers return to their apartments thinking they'd be back to brand-new glory (classic reality show style). But no, Project Runway isn't you're ordinary reality show. And the designers return to the same squalor they left their apartments in. Oh snap were they mad. Andy Cohen from Bravo's ranks thought this was mean to include in the actual show. But I guess the kids at Magic Elves (production company) won out on that one. I thought it was a little tacky, but it shows that this is just a reality show. Can't take advantage of it. There will be twists and turns.
-Keith creates a dress from a bed sheet that wins
-Stacy the Harvard Grad is Auf'd
-Keith wins! (His first dress, ever made) and is granted immunity for the next challenge. Personally, I thought Keith's dress was nice, but c'mon, he could have done the same thing with fabric. He should have been a bit more innovative (that's what this is about) and really used new and different materials to make his garment unique.

Episode 2!!!
Miss USA Challenge

-This time the Designers faced a Client Challenge making a dress, excuse me, evening gown for Miss USA Tara Conner. And this was to be no ordinary evening gown, but one that would be worn by Tara during the Miss Universe Pagent.
-Team Challenge!
-30 minutes to sketch--Angela's bad move #1 --bugging and bugging and bugging Kayne about working with him
-Pitching to Tara--Angela's bad move #2-- "I don't sketch, I'm just going to ask a few questions. Do you like empire waist?"
-Choosing the Designs--Malan, Laura, Keith, Vincent, Kayne, Jeffery and Uli's designs were chosen and then...
-Choosing teams...dun dun dun --Laura got Keith (made in heaven), Jeffery got Allison (again, made in heaven), Uli got Bonnie (made in heaven), Malan got Katherine (made in heaven), Keith got Bradley (made in heaven), Vincent got Allison--I mean Angela (made in the deepest circle of hell).
-Angela's bad move #3--no respect for Vincent...if anything she should have been his cheerleader and perhaps offering things to do. Would you like me to baste this? Or press that? Sitting around will not keep her around or make her look good in the eyes of the judges.
-Vincent was WAAAYYY too headstrong about his design and he needs to learn how to share and how to work in a team. Tim Gunn's even said that Vincent wouldn't listen to anything he had to say and would shoo him away. C'mon Vincent, there's a reason Tim's there. HELP.
-So I really started to feel for Malan. I mean the story about his mother and proving himself and all. I really wanted him to go on.
-Runway time...Angela's bad move #4--Don't start ripping apart the dress you're attached to (even as a part of a team). Don't verbally abuse the about the DESIGNER. If she had spoken up about working with Vincent and his lack of teamwork, she might have gotten him kicked off. But no.
-Malan left. :( I wanted to see him continue. Ah man. Kick off the boring Bradley, yeah, he's boring. Kick him off.
-But but but Kayne (Mr. Pagent himself) won! YAY!!! And he should have. It was a good thing to see him win. Last season with Santino and the Barbie thing, Santino claimed that Barbie was his thing and that he'd win blah blah. But no, it was Nick. But YAYYAYAYAY for Kayne! He'll be around for at least another episode.

but what's of this scandal...when will someone be asked to leave by THE Tim Gunn? Why must you tease us a-la-Survivor and not actually deliver for 3 weeks! WHY?!

damn...I love this show

Friday, July 14, 2006

Cute Deputy

This is special. That's all I's gots to say. Yes, that was horrible english. Yes, I know. I won't do it again, much.

But this lady's special. Calling 911 to get the number for a deputy...doesn't she already have it? 911!

lame...I know.

Thursday, July 6, 2006

Emmy Emmy Emmys!!

I'm just going to go down the complete list and comment from time to time...comments in blue

Outstanding Animated Program (less an an hour)
Family Guy totally deserved here
Simpsons shouldn't they already have a bazillion Emmy's by now?
South Park without Chef? how could they?

Outstanding Art Direction for a Multi-Camera Series
How I Met Your Mother
Stacked is that still on?
Will & Grace only the most-used set in Hollywood for pilots ever

Art Direction for a Single-Camera Series
Desperate Housewives long as Hatcher doesn't win anything
House yes please
Nip/Tuck in general, and specific...this show scares me
Six Feet Under ok...we get it HBO's great

Casting for a Drama Series
Big Love
Boston Legal hells yes please...James Spader...and HELLOO "Denny Crane"
Grey's Anatomy Shonda did casting the way it should be done...don't physically box people in, let the characters speak for themselves. Allowing the characters on the page find the actors they want ignores the actor's physicality and concentrates on their ability and craft.

Dancing with the Stars x3
High School the Musical KENNY ORTEGA!!! of Newsboys Choreography/Directing fame totally deserves this...even though I haven't seen this...though I should have
Suite Life of Zach and Cody

Cinematography for Nonfiction
The Apprentice
Project Runway both a hells yes please...can they share?

skipping a few... blah blah blah....

Directing for a Comedy Series
Curb Your Enthusiasm it's the winner...hands down there are no other nominees as far as I'm concerned...ok well one or ok...two
My Name is Earl

Lead Actor in a Comedy
Larry David -- Curb
Kevin James -- King of Queens just for the pole dancing episode ALONE
Tony Shalhoub--Monk awesome
Steve Carell -- The Office hells yes!
Charlie Sheen -- 2.5 Men eh...I guess they needed one more

Lead Actor in a Drama
Christopher Meloni -- Law and Order: SVU he deserves some props...I'll prop that
Denis Leary--Rescue Me
Peter Krause -- Six Feet Under
Kiefer Sutherland -- 24
Martin Sheen -- West Wing

Lead Actress in a Comedy
Lisa Kudrow -- The Comeback
Jane Kaczmarek -- Malcolm very deserved here
Julia Louis-Dreyfus --Old Christine
Stockard Channing -- Out of Pracitce wasn't that canceled too?
Debra Messing --I'm sorry Court...but no. No, no. Please God no.

Lead Actress in a Drama
Kyra Sedgwick--Closer
Geena Davis--Commander in Chief
Mariska Hargitay--SVU
Frances Conroy -- Six Feet Under
Allison Janney --West Wing

Supporting Actor in a Comedy
Will Arnet -- Arrested Development
Jeremy Piven -- Entourage
Bryan Cranston -- Malcolm
John Cryer -- 2.5 Men I'm not a fan of the show, but c'mon he was DUCKIE!
Sean Hayes -- W&G oh gee...forgot about him...but the emmy goes to *hands* JUST JACK!

Supporting Actor in a Drama
William Shatner -- Boston Legal so just give it to competition who are these other guys reall?

Supporting Actress in a Comedy
Cheryl Hines -- Curb I must admit...brilliant
Alfre Woodard -- Desperate Housewives Just because she got killed off on Inconceivable
Jaime Pressly -- Earl
Elizabeth Perkins -- Weeds
Megan Mullally -- W&G Court...Meg's got some tough competition. Final season included. Yikes, Weeds! So a Drug Dealer in Weeds, and Trailer Trash in Earl and then Meg's a Drunk/Prescription-addicted Socialite, Alfre's got someone locked away in her basemetn and Cheryl's got Larry David. Which can we all agree is just as bad as the other situations?

Supporting Actress in a Drama
Candice Bergen -- Boston Legal amazing
Sandra Oh -- Grey's didn't she already win? if so...let someone else up to bat
Chandra Wilson -- Grey's So...basically Dr Bailey needs to kick ass here. I think Bailey could take on Bergen...maybe not Blythe Danner...well it would be a close match. Let's watch them fight it out. First one to the podeum wins! and.........go!
Blythe Danner -- Huff
Jean Smart -- 24

Guest Actor in a Comedy
I wouldn't normally talk about this particular award...but...look at the Nominees really?
Patrick Stewart -- Extras
Ben Stiller --Extras
Martin Sheen -- 2.5 Men
LESLIE JORDAN -- W&G Beverley Leslie show anyone? Hells yes.

Outstanding Comedy Series
Arrested Development duh, Critic's darling
Curb Your Enthusiasm is that your pant's tent or are you just happy to see me?
The Office So who was completely shocked when Jim and Pam kissed? Ummm...I died and went to heaven!
Scrubs Where have all my Tuesdays gone?
2.5 Men no thanks...I'll pass on that last one

Outstanding Drama Series
Grey's Anatomy the mid-season shocker! Gotta love it.
The Sopranos
West Wing I really want Grey's to win, but I have a hunch that West Wing will because it's over, and older people loved it

Outstanding Nonfiction Special
How William Shatner Changed the World there are no other nominees...this WILL win. It's hysterical. And I only saw the last 5 minutes of it. Hmmm...must TiVO!

Outstanding Reality Program
Antiques Roadshow
The Dog Whisperer
Extreme Makeover:Home Edition
KATHY GRIFFIN: My life on the D List! YAY KATHY! You're still B+ in my heart
Penn and Teller: Bullshit!

Reality-Competition Program
The Amazing Race
American Idol
Dancing with the Stars
Project Runway NEEDS to win desperately. And should, really
uhh...The Apprentice is missing from that list...take off Dancing with the Stars

So I've waited practically a week to post this (seeing how it was only half done) but now it's done. I'm just gonna skip the other awards. I'm tired and finished with this and it's a SUPER long enjoy and feedback is welcome

Monday, July 3, 2006

man...I'm getting older

So Zac Hanson's married? What the hell?

Am I living in some parallel Hanson-Fan-Fiction universe?
I think so.
To me that photo looks fake. It's just weird seeing him with a girl, not that he should be with a guy. But that I've never seen him with a girl in a public photo, so it seems weird to think of him with a wife. Married. And me...still in college, not even remotely thinking about marriage. Let alone committing to anyone at this point in my life.