Wednesday, October 17, 2007

a cloudy day in Los Angeles?!

I don't even know what to write here...I've been thinking I should write something.

This past week-ish, it's been mostly cloudy here. Which is odd for Los Angeles, normally, it's bright, sunny, cheerful. Like anyone would imagine Los Angeles, well that's how it normally is.

The first night it was almost raining, I twirled and stretched my arms out. My tongue, up and open to the damp air.

It's kind of refreshing for the weather to reflect my insides. It's not quite sunny, but not quite raining either. A weird mix of in between.

That's probably why I've gone to see a few movies on my own recently. I really need to get myself a chick-flick movie partner, otherwise this might turn into an unhealthy obsession with accumulating AMC movie rewards points. Two more and I get a free small drink!

I think I might start at movie point rating system...Reward Points!

-Becoming Jane: Has begun a new love of James McAvoy. Seriously, ladies...go. see. this. movie. Just because of him. Oh yeah, Anne Hathaway's in it too.
9 out of 10 reward points (7 for James McAvoy + 2 for the chemistry between James & Anne)

-Feast of Love: A decent movie about love at different stages in relationships. Morgan Freeman, still amazing and worthy of a vote for US President, still. Greg Kinnear also, totally sweet and naive as the "nice guy". Don't take your parents to this one...there's nudity...lots of it comes at you from all angles. A little too much for my liking, but it can be appreciated in a European kind of way.
6 out of 10 reward points

-The Jane Austen Book Club: A chick flick about the original chick flicks, Jane Austen's books. This one takes on themes that originate from Austen's books, putting new modern spins on all of them. Emily Blunt is fantastically French in this movie. A great sister/mother/daughter relationship movie all generations will enjoy. It's The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants for adults. Almost.
6 out of 10 reward points

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Knitting to do list...

I'm keeping myself REALLY busy with my's what I've got in the works...

1. Finishing up a sweater vest for Heather, it's pinky-purple-ish
2. Starting a sweater vest to match for Madison
3. Black hat with NY Giants logo for my man Big Ben...I think it's going to be This One.
4. Car seat covers to add some spice to my dull Nissan Sentra...more on that later...definitely.

**edited: add...#5. Scarf for Nic, something earthy-toned

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

random bits of information, at hand

Sometimes you need random information like...
-Ashton Kutcher's Cell #
-Nicholas Cage's Office #
-Fred Durst's E-mail address...personal.

of even

Joey Fatone's home address and phone #.

Sometimes, this place just amuses me.

Monday, October 1, 2007

and back again..

So here I am,
back on this blog. With probably a good month, month and a half between this and my last entry (I'll call them entries).

Things have been busy, working on something like 2 different shows at work. Seeing one of them off to travel and shoot, the other to complete and shoot with me as the one and only Key PA. That was a little scary, but nothing I couldn't handle.

I feel really blessed. Mainly because I feel as if I'm in a really great place in my life. I've got 3 of the best roommates anyone could as for, and we get along like gravy. I just got a new job that I started the day after I interviewed, which was a whirlwind that's come down to me just being bored on my first "real" day. I say that because my actual first day was basically just shadowing the current--scratch that--old assistant, and filling out paperwork.

Today, as my first official day on my own (without Jonathan), I've managed to confirm at least one meeting, still waiting on the next one. And I've updated the calendar with some travel-date information.

While I sit and think about life, love and my own happiness a little tooooo much, I'll leave my lone reader (maybe Courtney, or Tina) with a few articles I'm reading to pass the time.