Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I weap

So I fell in love with a particular portrayal of Buzz Lightyear, on a particularly hilarious legal show...

Craig Bierko used to play the incomperable Jeffery Coho on Boston Legal.

But I'll assume you knew that already.
This guy was awesome. He'd do anything. He had a fist fight over Denise with another one of the characters on the show, Brad. These two were having tiffs and scoffs long before Denise came into the picture. Ever since Jeffery Coho showed up, him and Brad have been fighting like two coyotes over a piece of meat.

Eventually, Denise came up with the idea of being "friends with benefits" with both of them. Telling each one, "It's over if anyone finds out."

But no one had to find out because Alan Shore, play by the creepy-but-sexy? James Spader...and he's extra creepy, let me just put it that way...anyway...Alan Shore finds out. This is the weird part...he doesn't find out because someone told him or because he finds anyone in the act. He actually SMELLS it on Denise. He SMELLS both Brad and Jeffery on her. Can we get an "Ewww"?

But regardless...

Denise finds herself pregnant. Opps.

And after some tension and a sit down with all three parties present, she tells the boys what they may be in for. She discloses everything.


She insists that she wants to know who the father is and swabs both of them.

Tension, tension, tension...

and the winner is.......

We learn that Jeffery really kind of wanted that baby to be his. And this is the part where I wait for Denise to turn around and say...JUST KIDDING! It's really yours, Jeffery! But no...oh no...poor Jeffery's had his heart broken.

He starts talking about his daughter. (he had a daughter?!) and how he wanted to spend actual time with this kid, and blah blah blah...oh so sweet. (I'm a sucker)

And he explains to Shirley (THE Murphy Brown herself, Candice Bergen) that he needs to leave Crane, Poole and Schmidt for a lesser and less busy practice.

Teary moment with Shirley Schimdt and then it's off to the races.

Except....uhh...that Buzz Lightyear costume won't come off...opps.

And he leaves with it on. Classic.

The end.

The true story is that Craig Bierko, yes, the actor that turned down the role of Chandler, is trying his hand at Sitcoms yet again. He's staring in the new Fox comedy "The Rules for Starting Over" as a newly single 30-something guy. I'll be watching if it gets picked up. I do hope so.

But I'm still sad...b/c Craig Bierko will no longer be gracing my TV screen. Well...at least not for half a year.

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