Thursday, June 15, 2006

5 takes: pacific rim

Dear Travel Channel,
Je t'aime.

No really. I love the Travel Channel and I'm sad that I only discovered 5 Takes: Pacific Rim in the past couple of weeks. It's a GREAT show! So interesting...and inviting and fun!

So here's the concept...
Five 20-Somethings take on the Pacific Rim (first season was Europe) with cameras and microphones. They're called TJs or Travel Journalists. And it's their job to bring their best friends (us) along with them on their adventures.

I'm watching the Taipei, Taiwan episode right now. It's fantastic. I want to do it. I want to go on this trip.

It's raining and their finding the coolest ways to pass the time.
Tallest tower in the world.
Dragon Boat Festival
Snake Alley--TJ Gage ate a for him

This show's style has changed a bit since I first saw it. It's defintely more MTV, fast cuts, canted shots. Quick zooms, out of focus at times. Very Macroed. I like it. The themes of the shows have been very self-discovery oriented. These travelers have been put in a bunch of situations that are completely out of their normal comfort zone. And it's really interesting to watch how they react.

I highly suggest it...10pm Thursdays Travel Channel...too bad next week's the last episode.

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