Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The 4400...overdue

So why did Lily have to die exactly?

Why did Isabelle have to grow up so fast?

This show's focus and initial story has completely taken a turn. I like it. But it's definitely in a different place from where it started in the first season.
The first season was all about alien worlds and such. With the scene on the beach with Kyle and his Dad, we had the introduction to the future beings and the idea that the 4400 were saving the world, and not trying to bring it to an end. They were preventing the end.

Season Two expanded on that idea. And brought us the Promicin Inhibitor at the end of the season. That completely threw me for a loop. But I loved stepped up a notch.

And now...Lily's death (oh my Richard, my) and Isabelle's growth create a whole new problem. What is Isabelle's role? And what does the PR/Washington dude know about it? Can she choose to be evil or good?

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