Saturday, November 18, 2006

and I digress

So I've stumbled across a livejournal of a friend. It was one of those things that I just found in a profile, or as a link somewhere. But the fact is, I found it.

And I was inspired. He poured his heart and soul into those words. As much as they weren't all that specific, they were very heartfelt and just splashed out on the page. His writing relied more on the vocabulary and manipulating the english language to achieve a higher sense of understand that I could only dream of achieving.

I have a completely different style. I am too conversational. I lack the vocabulary to achieve literary heights, and so I rely on analogies that sometimes are irrelevant or comical. So kudos to my friend. You are not alone.

and on the level of TV...

I'm watching VH1..."I Married Sebastian Bach". Interesting. Sebastian and his wife are interesting people. Not quite as endearing as the Osbornes or the Hogans, or even the guy from Twisted Sister's family (Dee Snider). By the way...I want to see the reality show for the Sniders, they are hilariously dark and endearing at the same time. (I have no vocabulary)

Sebastian and his wife are a little rough around the edges, but that might be the editing. They go from talking about how much they're in love to him yelling at her. It just made him look bitchy and her like a slab of concrete to his steam roller. C'mon girl, get a little backbone. Apparently his new band is living in their Jersey home all together? Can I just say, weird?

Oh, here comes a White Stripes montage about sexual habits. ohh...Queens of the Stone Age. Why is it that these shows all have the same soundtrack? Please, MTV, VH1 get a new CD. Just one. I'm sure lots of people would give you one that's different.

Ok...enough about the sex and shit. We get it, you're in love. You don't have to cry about it now. Aww...slow motion was included. Annnd they're done. Thank goodness. Now for sleep.

P.s. the tone of this entry completely changed from beginning to end. special is all I can say.

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