Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day

Yes, I am a bitter single woman.

Yes, I wouldn't be bitter if I had a rose in my hand. But I don't, so I'm going to be bitter at love for one day.

Well...that day was yesterday, and it was awful.

If I'm single and it's Valentine's Day please, let's not bring it up. Let's be upbeat, positive and not talk about relationships or draw attention to the fact we're single, unless it's in a singles-power kind of way.
None of this "I'm so lonely, I'm single, I just want someone to hold me" business.

Because have friends. Go be with people if you are lonely. Go do something, don't whine to me about it. PLEASE don't whine to me about it. I get it. You're single, you're lonely...I am too. Unless you're going to suggest we get together and be single and lonely together, shut the hell up.



And let's not be rude and ignore each other? Ok?

Some people were just born with asshole behavioral implants.

1 comment:

  1. I love you! Ignore negative people... they suck.. WHOOPS! I was just being negative. CRAP! well I love you and miss you!