Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Quarterlife Crisis

Seriously? Did someone read all the blogs, watched all the video-blogs and talked to too many emo-ish life-questioning-career-starting-idealist-twenty-somethings that populate the show "Quarterlife". They even stole our slang from John Mayer's song (a deep track "Why Georgia?") and related it as the title...c'mon.

It might be a quarter-life crisis/
Or just the stirring in my soul

Despite the show, I find myself at a crossroads or...just stopping the journey long enough to notice how far I have come and how far I really have left to go.

I just quit my job. I quit. I phrased it in the sense that I was "moving on" and finding another position that fit where I want to go.

I have this paralyzing fear about what I've done. I hid in the security that working for a steady boss had. I was the one person on the show that didn't have to worry about whether or not I was going to have a job the next week...annnd then I didn't have a job. I must say, I wasn't panicked when I didn't have a job...I was panicked when I quit. Is that weird?

I'm at the point where I'm between the grief stages of Depression and Acceptance. I'm half excited, but probably more nervous than anything. It may not be a good idea for me to watch any reality shows between now and when we start shooting or I really get busy and am done with Greg's stuff.

OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man....I'm drinking with Shannon us at Michael's at 9:30pm.

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