Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fine then, I'll take my time

I just started a new job, in which I have a lot of data-type entry into excel worksheets. One of the worksheets I have to work on is a music cue sheet, where we look at the editing machine, mark down the CD name and track number of the music in the timeline. I also have to mark down the start timecode and end timecode for the music too, and write down the duration of that particular clip.

One of the coordinators (not mine) doubted my ability to get it all right, simply because I found a more efficient way of doing it. It takes me an hour to go through a 44 minute show (I don't watch it) and it used to take him 2 to 3 hours!

Here's what I did:
All the CDs have ANW in front of a 4 digit number. I formatted those cells in Excel so that when I type in a 4 digit number "ANW" appears before it. I used this formula in the custom cell format: "ANW"####

For timecode they wanted it all formatted as 01;01;01 meaning hh;mm;ss. The hour number doesn't change at all and neither do the semi-colons. So I used another custom sell format to make the 01; ; automatic: "01;"##";"##

Easy Cheesy.

For the Duration of the clip I used the opposite of the CD name and added this custom format ## "secs" to my excel sheet.

How many keystrokes am I eliminating for each entry...hmmm...anw01;;01;;secs
That makes up 15 keys I don't have to hit for each line (out of between 70 and a 100 lines).


Yeah...that'll cut time down a bit.

Not to mention the shortcuts I use in AVID to see the duration without having to do any math in my head.

I'm writing this entry because apparently now I have to check over my work and take my time because I work too efficiently and too fast.

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