Friday, April 6, 2007

Need a bed time story or a live version of a song?

Sooo...I found a few gems of websites this evening...and well, this week.

This guy sees a few shows in Texas and posts his own live recordings of them. I downloaded KT Tunstall, Matt Wertz and Justin Rosolino. There's lots of other stuff there too, some old old John Mayer stuff, along with Of Montreal, Rilo Kiley too.

There are TONS of Matt Wertz shows up for downloading. It's ridiculous. I downloaded the most recent Dave Barnes show I could (it's from 2005...but what they hey). Lots and lots and lots of other stuff. There's a whole archive dedicated to Grateful Dead live recordings.

This is an archive of audio books that are in the public domain. Come here for a bedtime story from the Brothers Grimm or else...Dante? Homer?

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