Friday, April 6, 2007

Matt Wertz and I'm embarrassed like whoa

I have severely been neglecting this particular blog...I sincerely apologize.

Just like I apologized to Matt Wertz on Myspace for my almost-drunk-but-a-little-too-excited's how it went.

Hey Matt,
I don't know if you are the one that actually checks this myspace...but what the hell. I don't know if you remember me or not, but again...what the hell?
I was the girl in green from Texas that talked about how we were supposed to have an interview. Upon waking up the morning after that show, I was thoroughly embarrassed about my somewhat drunken behavior on Tuesday night. So, I wanted to apologize first of all, and second of all thank you for being nice to me regardless of how ridiculous I was.

Well...I'm a DJ and webmaster and keeper of the podcast for VIC Radio, Ithaca College's premiere ( us) Internet radio station ( We love your stuff and we're currently spinning "The Way I Feel".

We were trying to set up an interview for on-air purposes as well as our podcast. If you're at all interested or have time, let me know and we'll find time to do it over the phone or something.

(Green/Texas/Ithaca/Interview-type person)

I seriously doubt he'll write back...he's a busy guy and he's got lots of tour dates. But it's worth a shot...I'd still like the interview, regardless.

Review of Castaways Show 4/3/07
Jon McLaughlan
I'll be honest...I didn't listen to much of this guy. I don't think I really paid a lot of attention, well at least not while he talked between songs, mainly because I didn't realized until my sister in Connecticut told me that he was the Free Single of the Week on iTunes. Dude...this guy's going places. He's signed to Island Def Jam (Hanson's former label) and they're starting to push the guy marketing wise, he's up for voting on AOL's page as a "New Music Breaker" or something like that, and he's on iTunes.


His album doesn't even come out until May 1st. For a whole month! Which artists do you know were getting press and a push a month beforehand? Not many, unless they're decently good, which Jon is. He's great. Nice guy too. Really nice guy. Even if I was a bit buzzed from the 2 beers I had, he treated me nicely and even took a picture with me! YAY!

So keep an eye out for this guy. He's going to be the next James Blunt...but I'm going to hope for a less annoying song and more staying power.

Thennn (the extra Ns are necessary) there was what I had been waiting for...


I'm going to tell you this was an amazing show. Even from the start it was. And I'm not just saying that because I got a bit tipsy at it either. Matt rocked the house. He had a band (which I wasn't expecting) and Jon McLaughlan took over the keys for his band and sang, which was great!

He seriously rocked our faces off. Or...well...mine anyways.

I loved the renditions of "The Way I Feel" and "5:19" he did. Fantastic...the end. LOOOVED it.

If you haven't heard much of Matt go to his website, now. This is an order.

I went and talked to Matt after his set and he was super nice. He remembered that I had shouted "Texas" at him...

He said that he was glad that someone knew his music in Ithaca. Uh...duh...he rocks...everyone should know about him.

So...dear Matt...thank you for a great show.



I knew I had seen this band before...I didn't really remember them. I remembered them playing and it being a rockin' fun good time. But I had no idea it was such a rockin' good time listening to this band playing a show!

Drop whatever you're doing now...and go see this tour. IT"S AMAZING. These guys put on a show like no other. There was a song with multiple quotes from such movies as Wedding Crashers, Anchorman, etc.

There was also a section where the guys came down into the audience and played a song semi-acoustically surrounded by a circle of us that kind of resembled a break-dancing know. You know what I'm talking about.'ve been to that Middle School dance.

Whatevs...good show.

Go see this if you're in an area they're traveling to. It's totally worth it. Trust me.

And Jared Campbell came and hung out. I'll blame him for one of the 2 drinks that got me semi-plastered that night.

Maggie + some alcohol + little dinner + awesome concert = a little too loud for her own good

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