Monday, January 22, 2007

Why the sudden break?

What I watched tonight
  • The Office Season 1 DVD, all of the commentaries...and I mean all of the commentaries

  • My computer broke. Well...I broke my computer. I managed to spill Hot Tea all over it, so it's making sounds and doesn't do anything past making a low whirring sound. So I have to send it into Apple to have them fix it. This might take a little while, so I won't be updating as much as I have been.

    The spontaneity of my posts will be lost. I usually write whenever I get bored or I need to vent or come across something hilarious, so unless I'm sitting in a computer lab and that happens...this will be a lot less spontaneous.

    I also have some weird music on my iPod that I wouldn't normally have on there, but for some reason I'm crazy. So now, I'm stuck with what's on there until I get my computer back. Which means I can't really listen to my podcasts. I'm going to miss them...ahhhh babies come back.

    In other news...
    Steels and I (plus Pat) went to Jared Campbell's last show at his old church in Endicott. It was awesome. We taped it for our Video Workshop project, and I think it went pretty well. I was the backstage camera, and Steeley did the stationary performance camera. It was really dark in some of the backstage areas. I had to get creative about finding my angles. There were a few spots where he was standing that I could get him against one of the screens on the stage, so he was backlit in blue. I hope it translates well on the tape, because it looked pretty cool from where I was standing.

    We're meeting up with Jared, and I think Meridee too sometime later this week. No word yet when, but shouldn't be a problem.

    I should see if we can edit any of the footage yet.

    Classes started today...YAY for school. Advanced Web and Acting should be the only really difficult classes I'm taking. Well...besides Workshop.

    But off to Park!

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