Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Romantic Comedies

4:25:13 PM js: I kinda wish my life was a romantic comedy
4:26:10 PM ma: you have the power
4:26:19 PM ma: the guys always have the power in RomComs
4:27:12 PM ma: the girls are helpless oafs that sit around waiting for "Serendipity" to smack them in the face
4:29:00 PM js: damn... that's true isn't it...
4:29:05 PM js: stupid movies
4:30:27 PM ma: hahaha
4:31:04 PM ma: that's the trap about RomComs...is that no matter how independent the chick is in the movie and throughout the movie, her life is never complete, and the movie not over, until they live happily ever after
4:31:48 PM js: There's gotta be some romantic comedy that's flipped those roles around...
4:32:02 PM js: hmm...
4:33:46 PM js: But the thing about romantic comedies is that the guy never actually has to take any risks, its always made obvious to him, either by the girl herself or the plucky (and/or gay) best friend, that the girl loves him. So then its just all about him doing something about it
4:47:06 PM ma: right
4:48:23 PM ma: but the girl doesn't have an active role, it's the guy that must decide she's worth it and must risk everything
4:48:34 PM ma: she doesn't have a decision to make
4:48:36 PM ma: it's made for her
4:49:18 PM js: well, I suppose presumably she made a decision to love the guy?
4:50:59 PM ma: but the suspension of disbelief is that her life without a man is absolutely miserable and unbearable
4:51:20 PM js: True, stupid movies

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