Sunday, September 21, 2008

2pm bus from NYC to Boston

I just wanted to tell my story in hopes of improving your service.

Today I arrived with plenty of time at the bolt bus stop on 34th st
and 8th ave. When I arrived there seem to be mass confusion as to
where each bus was going when where to go and the like. There was one
bus with its doors closed and with the driver inside there was another
boltbus about a block up there street also seemingly just waiting. No
employees to sort though the crowd or create any semblance of order.
No one knew which bus was for Philadelphia and which bus was for
Boston. Or whether we could stay here and wait or if we were to meet
the bus up the block.
This mass confusion could have been relieved with one bolt bus
employee offering information and direction. Also a clearer sign on
streetlevel would have allowed your customers to make sure they are
getting on the right bus.

The crowd shifted and got impatient when another full bus pulled up.
The driver of that bus was not able to help answer questions and did
not know where the 2pm Boston bus was. Since the Philadelpia bus had
already pulled away we all felt frustrated that not only had the bus
up the street disappeared 20minutes earlier but that our bus was late.

Finally the bus did arrive. Although once we started driving I'm not
exactly sure why the driver chose the route he did. It was riddled
with construction and surface streets like Amsterdam ave and central
park west do not seem like the ideal way of getting out of manhattan.
He was also zig zagging up and down surface streets in a seemingly
futile way of avpiding traffic? After over an hour we were only at 144
th street.

Not to mention this particular driver's ability to use his brakes and
gas pedals too much. This has been the least pleasant bus trip I have
taken inbetween ny and Boston. Mainly because it has made me sick to
my stomach with motion sickness from the stopping and speeding up this
driver is doing.

It seems unnecessary for your drivers to follow other vehicles as
closely as your driver currently is.

Thanks for the wifi though I used it to send this complaint.
-margaret brockmann

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  1. Friend,

    The buses are required to use those avenues in NYC to enter and exit. But Sunday afternoon, 8th Av with closed, part of 9th Av was closed, there was a parade on Madison, and there was a huge parade and festival on 7th Ave, called Adam Clayton Powell Blvd in Harlem that tied up the cross streets and Avenues into the evening. The alternate route, Lincoln Tunnel and GW Bridge, are bad on a Sunday when there is a Yankee Stadium Event, as there was this Sun starting early afternoon before an 8 PM game on the stadium's last day. There's no fast way in an out of NYC, and I like saving the money and can put up with the sidewalk scene. I like watching people, and that's a good spot for it. bill