Monday, April 21, 2008

This is

I asked Shannon if she'd write a blog with me and her response was "You don't even update your OWN blog!"

"Sure I do."

"With 2 sentence posts that make no sense!"

"Yeah...that's because I TXT them in...not everyone has a blackberry." Or something like that is how it went.'s a post.

Geez. :)

Anyone who knows me well enough (has lived with me, or been around me a lot) knows that I have high highs and low lows. I get really super excited about somethings, like when a new boy/man flirts with me or asks me out. When something encouraging in the slightest bit happens I jump off the deep end in my excitement about it. I obsess. Seriously, I do.
It's a problem.

But then, it also has a tendency to run the other way. I also get really down about things. I don't really (or well...I hope not, and try not to) let it get to the point where I get frustrated at other people about whatever happened. It always becomes something I internalize. Something that has more to do with how I function on the inside than outside (most of the time).

When I obsess, I like to have a little control over the situation, so that things will go well and I'll be able to work it out to my favor.

Except, most of the time that isn't true.
I don't get to have any control over what happens. I can't control a guy not liking me, or not getting that really awesome job.
That's the part that I tend to obsess over. If I had only done this, or said that, or been like this, the meat of the matter is that it's done over and in the past. Nothing I can do to change how things worked out, it was completely out of my hands.

Something else I think that says something about me.
I wear converse, I wear sneakers and flats mostly.
I have 5 pairs of heals...a red pair, an orange pair, a black peep-toe pair, a purple peep-toe pair and a bronze pair. All sexy pumps. I don't wear them. They stay in my closet.
Someday, someday I'll take them out for a spin. With the exception of the red pair, I haven't worn any of those shoes for an entire day, let alone an entire event. I always find a reason to wear some other pair I have.
I think this says something about me.

Made me laugh today

Got me excited today.

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